In contrast to importers, the company Shirt & More Trade GmbH is a producer that produces exclusively in its own factories and thereby maintains a stable high quality level and offers maximum flexibility. The company Shirt & More Trade GmbH controls and is responsible for the entire process of their products. This distinguishes Shirt & More Trade GmbH clearly from other companies. Customers will find competent, market-oriented support in design, product development, planning, procurement, production, logistics and NOS deployment. Thus, Shirt & More Trade GmbH minimizes the risk for the customer and leads to success.



The professional design team of Shirt & More Trade GmbH develops successful collections with a lot of creativity and attention to detail. This includes the individual development of mood boards, fabrics, fashion themes as well as styles for national and international customers. The entire process is accompanied by experienced textile technicians and professionally implemented.


Shirt & More produces all products exclusively in its own licensed companies and thus maintains a continuous, high quality level. An international team of technicians ensures the implementation of individual customer requirements.


A flexible logistics center guarantees just-in-time delivery as well as warehousing and NOS delivery throughout Europe.


Due to a diversified customer structure, the company Shirt & More Trade GmbH is able to meet all individual requirements of each customer.